100 Fabricated or Weak Ahadith



31 – ((For everything there is a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Surah Ya Sin, whoever reads it as if he has read the Quran ten times)). Fabricated; “Al-‘Ilal” by ibn Abi Hatem (2/55), and “Al-Da’eefa” (169)

32 – ((One Hour of Contemplation is better than Sixty years of Worship)). Fabricated; “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/305), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (723), and “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (964)

33 – ((There is no Prayer (salaah) for those near the masjid except in the masjid)). Weak; “Di’aaf Al-Darqutni” (362), “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” (2/16), and “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (1/693)

34 – ((The Black Stone is Allah’s right hand on earth with which He shakes the hands of His slaves)). Fabricated; “Tareekh Baghdad” by Al-Khatib (6/328), “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (2/944), “Al-Da’eefa” (223)

35 – ((Fast and you will be healthy))Weak; “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (3/87), “”Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (70), and “Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Sagh’ani (72)

36 – ((The Angel Gabriel has advised me (reminded me so often) that the neighbor’s rights are up to forty houses away, ten from here, ten from here, ten from here, and ten from here)). Weak; “Kashf Al-Khafaa’ ” (1/1054), “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (2/232), and “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasanah” (170)

37 – ((If not for you (O Muhammad!) I would not have created this World (dunia))). Fabricated; “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ ” by Al-Mishmishi (454), “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (196), and “Al-Da’eefa” (282)

38 – ((Whoever reads Surah al-Waqi’ah every night, poverty will not overcome him)). Weak; “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (1/151), “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (1/301), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (972)

39 – ((One, who gets up in the morning, and his concern is about anything other than Allah will never be helped by Allah in any way, and whoever is not concerned about the affairs of other Muslims, is not from them)). Fabricated; “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (233), “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (69), and “Al-Da’eefa” (309-312)

40 – ((As you are, so will be your leaders)). Weak; “Kashf Al-Khafa'” (2/1997), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (624), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (182)


About Umm Omar

I've been a Muslimah for 4 years now الحمد لله and I can say for sure that Islam changed many things in my life including my overall character and behaviour. I'm not a scholar by far, just a simple seeker of knowledge enjoying reading beneficial books and articles about my religion, the best book among all being the Qur'an, you simply can find all the answer you need if you just read it carefully and find all the explanations you need from the Sunnah of Rasoul ALLAH صلى الله عليه و سلم, i.e. ahadith without which we wouldn't be able to understand many things. I hope you'll all enjoy my blog and learn something beneficial for you. I'm quite new to blogging, so I hope you'll be patient till i learn how to make my blog look better and add more posts with time in sha' ALLAH. In conclusion, for all those who at times lose hope and feel down, one of my most favourite ayahs from the Qur'an from Surah Al Zumar: 39:53. Say: "O 'Ibâdî (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allâh, verily Allâh forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Do not forget the remembrance of Allâh, Verily, in the remembrance of Allâh do hearts find rest!!!

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